Kimera Instructors
With four black belts in different martial arts having over a century of combined experience, Kimera Mixed Martial Arts, serving Bergen County NJ and Rockland County NY, is a system that blends together functional martial arts techniques into one comprehensive mixed curriculum. A Kimera (commonly spelled Chimera) is a mythical creature that is a mix of a lion, a goat, and a snake.

Thus the Kimera is the symbol of our system as it is a blending of many arts into one fierce fighting creature. Kimera MMA is an eclectic approach with an evolving, flexible curriculum to fit the needs of the modern-day martial artist.

Similar to the concepts employed in Jeet Kune Do, our Kimera Mixed Martial Arts System retains the techniques that work and abolishes obsolete and traditional methods that have limited function. The mysticism and nebulous aspects of martial arts are examined and redefined into real world application at Kimera MMA, and all techniques are studied for its efficacy in battle.

Kimera MMA is the best Norwood NJ Martial Arts School so come in today and find out why!