Take Shape For Life – Weight Loss Program

Trouble Losing Weight?

Our weight loss program here at Kimera MMA is the Take Shape For Life program. Take Shape For Life is a clinically proven weight loss program recommended by over 20,000 doctors. Most diets do not work, as people revert to their old eating habits after they have lost the weight.

Take Shape For Life is not a diet and has proven to be a long term solution to obesity. With personal coaching, support, and Medifast meal replacements, a client will burn the fat and maintain a healthy weight for life.

The meal replacements, usually nutrition bars, ready-to-make soups, eggs, shakes, are affordable and delicious, coupled with personal coaching, the fat-burning stage is an easy tolerable process. Just eat 5 meal replacements and one lean and green meal a day (call for a free consultation which explains the program), and lose 2-5 pounds a week.

The program is based on maintaining a high metabolism throughout the day by eating frequent, low glycemic meals, and reducing your caloric intake during the fat burning stage, then slowly transitioning back to a normal healthy diet with better eating habits.

Take Shape For Life benefits:

  • affordable, cost-neutral program.
  • easy program, no point counting and no excessive measuring.
  • lose 2-5 pounds per week.
  • potential to earn money.

For the NAGA championships, a Jiu Jitsu grappling tournament, I was determined to lose 18 pounds to compete at a lower weight class. I wasn’t fat, but had a slight paunch, not even noticeable when I wore a loose shirt. Losing weight when you are fairly skinny is a difficult task, but it wasn’t under Take Shape For Life. I was 156 pounds and 45 years old, thinking I couldn’t get under 148, as I have tried in the past. A friend of mine lost over 50 pounds with the Take Shape For Life program, so to meet my weight loss goals, I tried it myself. I met my weight loss goal and dropped 18 pounds. At 138 pounds, I felt faster, stronger, and had more energy than when I did at 156 pounds. Feel better about yourself–lose the weight now!

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